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AMG at Tianguis Turístico 2023: Elevating Nature and Luxury Tourism

The Mexican Glamping Association (Asociación Mexicana de Glamping - AMG) has made its debut at the Tianguis Turístico 2023, with the aim of boosting nature and luxury tourism in Mexico.

Over the past two years, glamping has emerged as a highly relevant and in-demand category of accommodation within both national and global tourism. With the goal of strengthening the array of offerings and elevating the quality of services that this new style of hospitality provides to travelers, the Mexican Glamping Association (AMG) was formed. The association is composed of 22 privately-owned properties led by entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized business owners from across the country.

"Glamping, a term derived from 'glamour' and 'camping,' has significantly enhanced sustainable tourism in Mexico by offering direct contact with nature without compromising the comforts of a luxury hotel. Furthermore, it has the unique advantage of being able to establish itself in any corner of our country, which ranks fifth in the world for biodiversity. We have jungles, forests, deserts, grasslands, coastal areas that are still a blank canvas for nature-loving travelers," says Miguel Ángel Huerta Vallejo, President of the Mexican Glamping Association and CEO of Nantli Living, the operator of Amate (Huamantla), Octli (Nanacamilpa - Firefly Sanctuary), and Nómada (San Miguel de Allende) glampings.


The Mexican Glamping Association aims to position Mexico as a leader in the glamping industry, which has thus far been dominated globally by the United States, Canada, Colombia, and Peru.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance to build a network that fosters collaboration between property owners, service providers, and regulatory authorities to raise the standards of this emerging accommodation category that guarantees freedom, comfort, safety, and adventure. According to AMG data, there are 127 glampings across Mexico. Baja California leads with 24 offerings, followed by Baja California Sur with 18 and Jalisco with 11.

Actual Members:

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